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the GSR or gelb schwartzer renner was a special edition super beetle in '73. In Germany it was saturn yellow or marathon blue metallic with a matte black hood and decklid, all black trim etc (until the lines ran out) with special recaro seats and sports steering wheel. They didn't think the color combo would sell as well in the states so the US got single color cars, the Sports Bug Edition, with optional dealer installed sport stripes down the belt line. These colors were only ever available on the bug in 1973 on the sports bug, and they were the only models to ever get the recaro seats. It's estimated that ~2000 were made for Europe and ~4000-5000 were made for the US.

In Germany there was an outrage over the little hellian, rabble rouser beetle. In Europe the cars came with a list of up-fitters/shops that would upgrade the motor which flew in the face of the gas crisis at the time. So much so, that there was talk in the German Parliament about issuing penalties to VW for encouraging gas-wasting driving habits with a sporty beetle. The US on the other hand mostly yawned, and the Sports Bug was over looked for the last gasp muscle cars of the day. It's estimated that there are probably less than 500 GSR's left in the world in working order.

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