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'65 bus GL prahjekt

Hey all, guess its time i show what im workin on....

its a 1965 "EZ Camper" going GL.

Heres the plan...
Power will be supplied by a torque monster 1915cc that my buddy is building. Specs on that later.
Full exterior repaint in the original velvet green.
'83 944 vented discs front and rear, with a 944 MC as well.
17" Porsche turbo twists 7" front 9" rear.
4" narrow beam and drop spindles from wagenswest and a steering box raise.
IRS conversion rear along with a narrowed torsion housing to fit those 9" wheels.
Built type 1 trans from AZ transaxle.
Safari windows from Wolfgang.
And i will be fixing the "jersey look" fenders also. Stay tuned for that.

Heres some pics of the bus:

This how she looked when i found her.

Heres how she sits now.

just another square saltine.
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