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Originally Posted by owdlvr View Post
No residual pressure valve. I'm using the same brakes front and rear, as I did on my '69. Same pedal cluster. The only thing different is the super beetle line routing, and the master. So if I didn't have a valve on my '69, I shouldn't need one here!

Dave, sorry for the historic reply but you move too fast for me! I have a hydraulic handbrake in the '03 and had to use a 2psi RPV on the rear line to get anything like a decent pedal as the m/c for the handbrake allows too much flex without the RPV. I can thoroughly recommend the hydraulic handbarke that can lock the rear line very easily with moderate pressure. The handbrake locks up with 3 clicks on the ratchet with the hydraulics and is set for 6 clicks when purely mechanical, so that when its used in anger the calipers do all the duty and not the spindely shoes.

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