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I got a quick reveiw of BOR #53:

I arrived at the gates at 8am, since me and my friends know the guys who run the show we got a good discount for addmission. I wasn't aware of how inexpensive shows are back East, anyways they are a arm and a leg out here. First off I noticed the swapmeet was bigger then I had ever seen it, so I did my walk through. I scored a couple of parts for the 914. At 9 my buddy with a early bug(white with white sidewalls) got ready to drag his bug. His two runs were in the 13.5's, thats not bad considering he didn't get to run any test and tune runs. I missed the big crash, luckily the driver was alright. The goldish/silver oval with the large TIV w/turbo and twists in the front and fuchs with slicks on the rear ran a 11.5, he seems to be driving it a lot better, in the past when the turbo would kick in it would start fishtailing in the first three gears and he was only get mid 15's.
The carshow was alright, my favorite was a late model fastback, it was silver with twists. I wonder if that was Shad Laws old ride? 2.0L Type IV, AC, cruise control, power everything, very clean GL.
I got to meet SuperVW, VWill'n, and Zen. So I got to talk some GL, since my VW friends are still into callook and resto, and they think i'm a retard for "wasting" all this time and money on a superbeetle. I never found thomas niji, oh well next time in September.
Aside from the sunburn, I had a good time. Overall it was one of my favorite BOR's. It would have been better if I could have unveiled the Supa in full GL trim. It will happen, I jus have a lot of work ahead of me still. Thanks.

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