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Money talks, very true. :agree: Every aspect of mass media is ultimately influenced by it. That was the jist of my crack on Clear Channel. They don't play the music the public wants to hear, the play what the advertising directors think fits the demographic of the products that they advertise. So now their local station (WRDU) plays the same 35 songs over and over. The songs have to be a certain tempo, and have certain content.

True, also that NASCAR isn't behind the flood of coverage, Fox Networks, their advertising dept, and all the sponsors on the hoods, roof, and sides of all the stock cars are who's to blame, and that coverage is in NASCAR's best interests.

The flood of coverage goes to NASCAR's benifit as it broadens the audience of those watching at home, wether the audience likes it or not. Since NASCAR has no foreign influences, and no foreign drivers, it's a favorite over other racing series' to the American public as a whole, thus it demands a larger portion of the market share.

Speed Channel itself would suffer a loss if NASCAR were broadcast on a dedicated and seperate station, but not their owners. Fox Networks owns the rights to NASCAR coverage, and owns Speed Channel.

When Fox bought the rights to NASCAR, they capitalized on the already huge American market, and dedicated a majority of their local networks summer sports program schedule to it. When Fox Networks took over The Speed Channel, and renamed it SPEED TV, the put the "in depth, suit behind a desk" programming on the cable channel, and most of the races on the local network stations, or they sold the rights of individual events to other networks.

I'm a motorsoprt fan, but not a NASCAR fan anymore. I lost interest first in the late '80's when restrictor plates were introduced, and early '90s when homologation rules were lifted (remember in '87 when Bobby Allison's Buick had a Chevy engine ). I know I'm stuck with the way motorsport is broadcast in America, but can cope.
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