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Thanks for the compliment on the wheel.

I didn't want my guages hanging under the dash either. I didn't like the way it looks, but to each his own. I didn't want to take my eyes off the road very long just to check the temps. The lights aren't there yet, but I will have warnging lights.

You can use a speedo with 17's and 18's or any rim size. My speedo is electrical, but I bought a sensor from Speedometer Service for about $100. But at least my speedo will be right on.

To change pictures, simply right click on the picture you want to downsize. Then click 'resize pictures', then click small, and 'ok'. and it'll resize the picture and put it in the folder with the original picture.

Originally Posted by Bogara_ZO
WOW Mikey that steering wheel is amazing!! Where can I get a similar one? but the dash is cool

Personally I don't like guages under the dash..During you are driving it's far enough to not see it in every moment. Only in old bugs is an "acceptable" solution for me, if you don't want to cut your original dash..but also in this case I would put it on the top and not uder. Or why don't you use a monster tacho just instead of your original speedo?? If you goes with 17-18 rims the speedo is useless, will show you bad units... but naturally this is just my way of thinking, don't wanna say anything bad about anybody's ride

how can I make a smaller file format from a big one??? SOMEBODY PLS HELP
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