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From the Ad

I am a retired, factory trained Porsche/Volkswagen/Ferrari technician and a Certified (A.S.E.) Master Auto Technician with more than 35 years’ experience working on these vehicles and fabricating race cars and boats In other words he is saying that he is a know it all asshole that believes all that experience makes it acceptable to ilustrate someone elses work as his own..

I hate those jackasses.. As soon as I saw the "35 years of experience" I almost lost my breakfast.. Those damn guys screw up more than anyone else- glad to see that he retired!

is dependable, strong and could be driven anywhere, every day, without worry.
Wow, it states that it only has 500 miles on the odometer.. Thats a bold sentence to be making about a vehicle so modified that has only proven it's self for 500 miles! He must be very confident in his work! Hell he sounds like a God, maybe he'll just miracle the vehicle to perfection!

On a different note- I know some guys that might want to buy that Panel...

A trip to Tokyo might be in its future... (not being shipped there, being driven!"
Jake Raby

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