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Originally Posted by djmatio View Post
Let's see... Dec. 30th 2009, I have not heard from Joe once since we exchanged money via paypal in March of this year.

That is 10 months without a single word regarding my parts or our transaction. No time table for projects? My career revolves around projects and you bet your behind there is a strict time table for all of them.

Anyway, if Joe doesn't want me to feel like I got scammed, he should contact me and just let me know what is going on. What I should have done was get the seller's address and phone # so at least I'd have a way to follow up.

Joe if you see this, please e-mail me or send me a PM and let's talk.

I had the same issues with him. I received my pieces and they are beautiful, but his communication and customer service is horrible. Busy work/life/family or not, there is absolutely no excuse for this degree of lack of communication.
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