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My guess on why you see 1-inch wider rear fenders and not the same for the fronts are two-fold. One, more players tend to prefer wider tires for the rear than for the front. Two, Super Beetles have a wider front track than rear track in stock configuration. Having slightly wider fenders in the rear allows for not only wider tires in the rear but a wider track if one so chooses through spacers. (Remember, I am guessing here ... but I did give it a lot of thought when it looked like I might have to go that route.)

You pretty much obliterated "a" and "c" as desired choices. For what you are doing, you may prefer carbon fiber over untrimmed stock. You also have a third choice. I went with black/polished.

Here is a pic of my car with stock running boards:

Granted, they still have their chrome trim.

Here are two pics (one with less glare) of the black billet running boards:

As far as headlights are concerned, you like the fluted Porsche's headlamps. To me, you answered your own question there.

If you go wider rear fenders, you might want to install a front bumper on the rear. If you are installing wider front bumpers, I think you will be okay as you are. I do not have first-hand experience, however. This is what I remember from my info-gathering of yore.
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