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Thanks...Yeah, after re-reading my post, I guess I was rather obvious about what I had in mind......
Your running boards are nice. There's a local fella that runs those on his bug and after every cruise-in he has to wipe my drool off of em.

Anyway.... After tons of research and a one-on-one with a very dis-satisfied former "innovations in fiberglass" customer, I have decided to go with CCC fenders all around. I'm going to update the rear fenders because I like the look of the later model tail lights on a GL.
I've even been pondering those updated flush mount tails to solidify the newer look.
I've also noticed that CCC offers "Not so massive" glass running boards. According to their web-site the boards are stock size but designed to fit their widened fenders. I think that the boards being color-keyed to the body will further the clean European look I'm after.

The PO of the car beat me to the "front on the rear" bumper thing. So part of my job is already done!:agree: Thank you for the guidance on the front!!!!!

I've always looked at accidents as a hidden blessing or a "not so subtle" nudge to start projects that I've been putting off. This one is no exception. I will now get a chance to detail the inner fenders. I have a buddy that runs a shop that applies that "Spray-in" bed lining for trucks. If I take care of the prep work and the cost of the materials, as well as a six-pack of his favorite imported lager, my inner fenders and pan will be "West Virginia State Road Proof"! I may even get him to coat the underside of the new fenders to protect them from rocks being flung.
I also plan to incorporate the front turn signals and park lights into the fluted headlights. Sort of something like a new Mercedes. I've been wanting to shave the turn signals from the fenders for some time now.

I've recently made a major career change and now work where I cut my teeth. Believe me it was a "Mental well-being" change (long story perhaps for another post) But I am proudly back full-time in the automotive industry. I will be personally mixing the paint for the car. I hope to match the color. We have state of the art color matching equipment, and I will be blending the paint into the existing panels. So it should come out well. I see no sence in repainting the entire car just to match the fenders. After all the existing paint is in good shape. The paint mixing formula was no longer available in micro-fische form. The fine folks at Martin Senour were kind enough to fax me a copy of said formula. If anyone is having problems getting paint mixed for their pre 79 VW, feel free to PM me and I will try to get the formula for you to take to your local paint shop (providing they mix Martin Senour or can cross reference the mixing colors).

As always I have to thank you guys for this awesome site. Without it and you I'd just set here and bounce ideas off of the dog as he stares at me with his head ****ed to one side.:drunk:


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