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Originally Posted by bt1211
CCain I couldnt tell from your post. I am assuming that your fenders are metal?
If they are fiberglass, it is VERY easy to widen them yourself. If you dont mind sanding. The mat and resin will be less than $50. to do all four fenders.
Yeah, they are metal. I bent the inner lip out and cracked the paint. Kinda torqued me off due to the fact that the fenders were original to the car. I've decided to replace them with steel fenders which I'm going to flare. I'm goning to fix the drivers fender then hang the originals in the shop for safe keeping. I have some light background in metal work and body work so it shouldn't be too bad of a job. Besides, I like putzing around the shop. I'll post pics along the way but I hope they come out like the fenders on the Kafer Cup cars or the ones you get from Germany.
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