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I almost forgot I had a thread on So here are some updates. Nothing shocking but still updates.

1 mei Hannover Germany. This is one off the largest Aircooled only swapmeets in Europe.

The thread title sais it already, it's a roling rebuild. At the anual check they found a few rusted eareas that had to be repleaced. Both the heat channels had to be replaced and the rear floor was also rusted under the battery.

This kind off job should be done with a complete body off resto. But it can be done with the body on the chassis. Instead of the regular rubber or closed cell foam I used weldseam sealer between the new heaterchannel and the new floorplates.

This car is also a test car for different engines we build.

Now the stock 1600 motor out of my 1303 convertible was out I sprayed the engine compartment black and I upgraded the rear trans mount.

The next motor was a 1641 cc. with a dual Solex 34 PCI setup from Riegert.

The stainless firewall was a temporarely solution to hide the green engine compartment. All my friends said it was even more ugly than the green paint.

What I wanted to show in this post is something that has never happend to me before an d I hope will never happen again. When I went to a specialist to fine tune the Riegert carb setup something happend when he was almost done. Suddenly the left carburator was'nt responding to turning the mixture screw. He send me home and told me to see what's wrong. So I drove home (a few miles) and started to remove the intake manifolts and carburators. When I looked inside the carburator I noticed that there was a jet missing.

Threre is only one way a loose jet can go. I expected bent valves and, and. To my suprice the jet was still in the intake port of the cilinder head. It was'nt even damaged.

The problem with this jet in the venturi of the 34 PCI Solex is that if you tighten it to hard the mixturetube brakes off wich is the end of the carburator. I used a little bit of Loc-Tite to solve this problem. My advise, use a little bit of Loc-tite on every nut /bolt and jet that can fall into youre heads.

I know it wo'nt happen to me again.

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