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Well Wally, instead of writing or talking about it. I'm actualy working on the rollcage right now. The plan is that next season I have the rollgage installed, got the brake bias in order with the new front brakes. And this is a secret so shhhhh. I'm working on a 1776 or 1904 or maybe a 2110 type 1. Instead of posting every little thing I work on I plan on showing the build proces once its running in the 1303.

And yes it's a one off a kind rollcage for a bug. It's a OMP cage designed for an Alfa Romeo Sud Sprint wich was an old track day car off mine. When I sold that car I kept the rollcage. It fits with miner adjustments in a superbeetle.
I bought a few rollgage pipes and connectors from OMP to make the whole car more rigit / stiff.

First ruff drawing. Measurements are all wrong. It's just to visualize the idea I had.

And with the right dimensions and alot less scaffolding

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