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For my new engine I want a front mounted oilcooler. I could mount it in front of the Kamei spoiler or could cut holes or slits / vents in the spoiler so I can mount the oilcooler behind the spoiler.

I have found a less subtle solution at the swapmeet in Hannover Germany 01 May 2011. It's a Remmele frontbumer complete with spoiler and a place to mount the oilcooler. The air that past the oilcooler is directed upwards. So no air goes under the car and makes it possible to mount an airsplitter.

The blinker holes are a bit to big for my taste so I will fix that first and spray it black. I will mount it as close as possible to the car body. When finnished I will post a picture of the end result.

This is it.

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