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Originally Posted by judgie View Post
you can make the bj/irs into quite a good handeling car. well a predictable one any way. 2 inch drop all round and adjustable anti roll bars at both end, some good shocks [my choice would be bilstiens] make sure all the bushes and beam bearings are new. then get a good 4 wheel alignment done and experemnet with the settings. The biggest singlle improvement will be some decent rubber on not to wide wheels, i wouldn't go above a 7" wide rim and even thats prob to wide for the front. I see it all the time on the tracks that folk spend thosands on trick suspension then bolt on a set of worn missmatched tyres and wonder why the car wont do what they want. Even a modern 911 will be bad with the wrong tyres.
Yeah I know how important wheels and tires are.
My VW is taking a... modern Japanese esque route. I would like it to handle and put a decent zippy little engine it, more for spirited daily driving then anything else.
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