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Originally Posted by spannermanager View Post
redhot, its not an issue, ive raced both k&l and b/j beams in many disciplines from grass track to rallycross, and circuit racing, all had various means of adjustment, none have ever failed, these days i do preload the arms against side loads with the correct bushes.
they were of course proven by military use in w/w 2 with the kubel and schwimmer, long before we got to lower them with swayaways....
The reason for asking is some debate as to how good the generic no-name Puma beams are. The original beam has a depression in the beam itself, gripping into the centre-piece. The Pumas does not, as far as I have seen, this. Only thing then holding this is the shear force from toothed-plate and if that fails the bolt itself shearing against the beam.

Would be nice to see how you made the preload bushes and installation.
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