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Originally Posted by justdubbin
KK that is one MAD bus, just a shame it's a spitscreen & not a bay JK
This bay window is my daily driver ...

Originally Posted by justdubbin
How did you get on fitting the Creative front beam ? I'm getting one this weekend at Vanfest I'm a little worried about having to shorten the tie rods
and that's just the easiest part of the whole conversion !!
Seriuosly,the axle fits like a (latex)glove,and I used the one with the bay window parts.

Originally Posted by justdubbin
What spindles are you using? did you get a 'kit' to fit the front breaks?
All the suspension parts are bay window (and some Porsche ...),and I for the brakes I developed my one kit ....

Soon to be on the market,so watch this space !! (or forum )
No useless sh*t on my roofrack !!

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