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Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and kind words. It means a lot to me.

Sorry, no pics. The recap goes like this.

The 1302 was officially totaled. There was a dispute as to its value, and that has been the delay. The gnashing of teeth and rattling of swords was in its own way traumatic. I would give the details but I doubt it would relate to many of you so I'm not sure there would be great value in posting it. The Cliff Notes version is it had to do with adding my daughter to the overall policies, and the insurance company classifying her and reclassifying the car without my agreement. If it sounds like something that knowing the details would benefit you, shoot me a PM. I will respond next time I visit.

The insurance company finally agreed after one section talked with another section after conferring with my agent and "Team Six" who did the initial evaluation. I can only imagine what the poor folks of Katrina, Wilma and any other disaster must go through.

One strange quirk was not only did I get the as-stated value for which the car was insured -- as expected and as demanded -- but I also got an extra 6% on top of that because Maryland state tax was also added. I have no idea if that is a state law, an insurance law, or what ... but it was new to me.

I bought what's left of the car back; then sold it to my longtime mechanic. I don't really have the capacity to break down my car to keep/sell the useful stuff. I believe it was a fair deal for both of us.

I do have a collection of stuff that I had away from the car or I that I removed after it was towed. Some of it may apply to my next project. The only things I may repurchase back from my mechanic is the shifter and the Hella H4 headlights.

I still don't know what my next project will be. I had some things in mind before the Super went down for the count. A part of me thinks I may go in one of those directions and revisit a GL Super after that.

What it will probably come down to is I will see something that strikes my fancy which I can afford ... as if it found me rather than the other way around.

I will pop in from time to time, and I will be going to shows. Who knows? Maybe that is where the next car will find me. Again, I appreciate all of the support tossed my way. I hope to be able to give back again soon.

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