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VKG site

FYI. I have made some changes to my hosting offerings at Zen Web Services and am now supplying starter pages and FREE ad-supported hosting with domain names. I have applied a starter page for the VKG site since the domain name is paid for through mid-2009. It should be up for all in the next day or two (the nameserver change has to propagate around the internet servers). It is just a basic template with high-level gruppe info and pointers to this forum.

As a side note and for some self-promotion, we have implemented some great price cuts and FREE value-add services across our product line many geared towards small businesses. Please check them out and continue to refer your friends and anyone else to a GL-buddy's business. We are concentrating 2008's efforts towards greatly expanding this area of our business due to the quality 24/7 customer support and great new products that are now in our portfolio. We are continuing with custom web and graphic design as well, but looking to grow the self-service part of the business in 2008.

Zen Web Services

As always, let me know if I can help any of your efforts as well.
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