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Originally Posted by volksmeister View Post
You can look up GL Forum Technical articles under "Fitting Modern Wheels to your Beetle"...
Maybe I'm dense but I just happened to look there first, then a second time when searching for a similar answer and coming to this thread, and I didn't see it either time. I am very unfamiliar with standard Beetles compared to the research I did for my 1302, so trying to find info without going to aftermarket front fenders is what I am after as well.

Also, I guess there is more to the concept of a narrowed beam than that tucked-under look I personally don't like (no offense to those who have a differing opinion), but frankly that is all too new to me as well.

I have had a few different cars fall through for me -- a Brasillia, a '75 1303, a 411, and a Notch. Although I am generally partial to a Super in the bug realm, there is standard that has really caught my imagination.
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