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Punch Buggy for Sick Kids - Cameron's Brewing

Hey Guys

I hope this is appropriate, it's for a great cause.

I run a Craft Brewery in Oakville called Cameron's Brewing and this year we have become a sponsor of Punch Buggy for Sick Kids which has been talked about here. To help raise awareness we are going to promote it at our monthly Cask Night on May 27th at the brewery and this is where (hopefully) some of you guys can help.

They are bringing the "Punch Buggy" down to display in the front parking lot and I will also have my bus there. We are looking to bring down some more air cooled VW's to have on display and will section off the prime parking spots for you. To show our appreciation we will waive the $10 entry fee and also send you home with a 9-pack of Cold Cameron's for your efforts.

It's on May 27th, starts at 6pm and officially ends at 8 but usually runs a little longer. This month we have Jason Rees from coming to do the food which is always a hit. For more info on Cask Night head over here

Please let me know if you can make so I can put you on the list.
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