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Originally Posted by DORIGTT View Post
I love great tips that get the job done and save me money.

I was looking into oil cooling for Raketenhase and Marco from made a really cool (pun intended) recommendation. Since the 993 was a much larger air/oil cooled motor that needed an efficient cooler to keep oil temps in check, he recommended I get one.

I looked around at various oil coolers of any 'real capacity' and found that they were a lot of money...not like that's typically an issue for all of us here...but I was able to on eBay score this massive oil cooler for $175!!! I just had to order up some metric to AN fittings for the top and voila...more cooling than I can shake a stick at!
Wonderful to see the oil cooler. I did a search, could not find spec's such as it size,maximum pressure the cooler could hold. What is its size? I was going to buy something from spruce aircraft parts. Their prices are up there, your project is coming along very nice.
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