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Originally Posted by ccain529
I liked the name we discussed.....Vance! Hehe....get it Vance?!
Until the bug is done I'm calling the van "That damn thing I'm mowing around"!

You can follow me anywhere!

I want to go GL with the Van too!

If I find the motor to be trash, I have a good source for a used Suby engine....Heck I've seen one on the web that somebody grafted in a V8 Audi engine! Well I doubt that I could ever afford that, but something is going to happen, even if it's wrong!
OOhh that'll make it look a million times better.
[****iness] And uhhh I knew what his name was...I was trying to get you to admit that I single handedly named BOTH of your VWs! hehe! How the heck did that happen? Is it maybe because I'm just good like that? [/****iness]

/me follows Cheech to the next thread.....
Life might not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here we might as well dance.
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