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Originally Posted by chug_A_bug
hey hey hey so have you played with your new toy yet?? how's it going
Dude...It's Soooooo Weird that you asked... I started on it Yesterday!

I moved the van around the drive! The power is awesome! Who am I kiddin?!...I pushed that SOB around! Weighs about 4 times what the bug does! Hehe, I guess you could say that right now the van is One Chris power!
But before I could move it I had to pull the left rear wheel off and free up the "Frozen" brakes. You know a little preventive maintenance wouldn't have killed the guy who had this van before...But I got it for 200 bucks, so I ain't complaining' too much.
The PO apparently had an issue with the ignition switch...So he repaired it the correct way...Yeah, and in a valley, by a river is a town called Perfect.....I live no where near Perfect! In fact, I'm so far from Perfect that the light from the sun takes like 6 years to get there! Let me tell you what this guy did!
First, instead of replacing the offending part, he gets the idea that a starter button and duct tape would suffice.
Second, rather than using the duct tape, which was found under the back seat, he took the liberty of drilling a bunch of holes in the dash. So now I have this art deco "perforated" dash!
Third, since he bypassed the ignition switch, he needed an alternate way to turn on the accessories...You guessed it... A plethora of unmarked toggle switches! If I had that dude in my hands today, I would have beaten him to the point of nonrecognition, after I shoved the van up his arse!
So rather that getting it running, like I had hoped to do yesterday. I spent all day (dawn til way dark) tearing out the fire trap and trying to find a van at the bottom of the pile!

Today, I finished cleaning up the dash. I found that the whole reason he put the starter button on, was that the ignition lock cylinder had snapped off where it goes into the switch. And I learned something today!!!!! The ignition lock cylinders on most VW's from 72 to 99 are the same. I salvaged the broken part from a spare I had from my old 72 standard Beetle, and Bob's yer Uncle, IT WORKS!!!!
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