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Show season is upon us

Hey guys...

the show season is upon us once again (especially here in FL)
I was wondering what shows you guys were attending?

Here is a list of Florida shows that I want to attend this Spring:

Feb 16 - VolksBlast in Miami

Feb 23 - Bugs On The Pier 4 in St Pete

Mar 17 - Orlando Show & Shine in Orlando

Mar 30 - Volkswagens at the Beach 5 in Jacksonville

Apr 06 - Show & Shine XX in Ft Lauderdale

Apr 27 - VW's Over The Skyway in Tampa

These are the ones that I would like to attend, not sure if I will be able to make it to all of them but, I will definitely attend Miami (Feb 16), Orlando (Mar 17) & Ft Lauderdale (Apr 06).

What other shows are there in Georgia this spring that are worth attending?
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