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Thumbs down Legos have gone to poop!

Me and my Girlfriend decided we were to buy some legos since we all got rid of ours years ago (big mistake). So off to toys R us and looking for legos. Its absolutely spars compared to what it was as i was a kid! No more builder buckets, no more good creations that use existing common pieces and maybe a custom piece or two (and the custom pieces worked with personal creations). Now its all pre-definied creations that seem to use almost all custom pieces and the custom parts look as if they will be hard to incorporate into anything other than the box cover.

So being fed up with what was available in the stores i decided to check online....Well its just as crappy on their online store! Tried searching for some of my old favorite pieces....NO LONGER MADE!

Its BS man!

All these toys kids have these days instills very little imagination and creativity. I am almost afraid that there are going t be fewer imaginative visionaries in the future with all this pre-defined and guided play kids have these days!

... Yeah Rant over!
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