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Originally Posted by evilC View Post
Dave, an easy solution to your single shear issue is to change out the rod ends for threaded clevis rods with a bolt through that means the clevis will clamp on both sides of the tab. I don't understand why you have used rod ends as there should be no movement in a 5 bar design. Admittedly, all the joints should be pin joints but there is no movement. The rod ends actually add a weakness into the system because of all the interconnecting surfaces that are used to transfer the loads.
Also, the system doesn't need to be adjustable unless you deliberately want to have an adjustable pre-load to the frame horns? Some simple measurement will result in a accurate fabrication. Less adjustability = greater strength. As far as I can see the adjustable 5 bar systems are as much for looks as performance (frame horn pre-load) or to overcome oem production tolerences on the chassis.

Quite helpful as always Clive, and 100% correct. Now that I've hacked in this setup I keep thinking about how it could be done better...I'm likely to rebuild the whole thing in the near future, but I figured I would wait until the car is running before I revisit it. Will definitely upgrade it before I do some racing though!

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