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Originally Posted by Humble View Post
You've also said that you don't think you drive as aggressively as I do. :P I have been following you and your car for years, I just wish you'd get a couple gopro cameras already! I would love to swap cars with you and compare them back to back. As for my problems, it could be a limitation of the heads or that my combo isn't dialed in as well as yours. I'm sure the lack of intercooler isn't helping me either.
I think the simple reason is I use a type 4 with alu cylinders and - as you mentioned also - a huge intercooler and water-meth injection plus knock control. Cooling abilty of all that is enormous.
Its a deadly combination on th track with mostly all stock type 4 engine parts, safe from the alu cylinders.
Not for everyone I totally agree, but just showed to me it CAN be done. Thats all I wanted to convey, whereas your post suggest that it could NOT be done. Thats just not true.

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