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Well a lot happened between my initial Rolling road but long story short my engine got run up with my dry sump tank tap turned off (not by me!) anyway after engine rebuild and turbo rebuild we finally got some decent dyno time. The results were ok! 231hp at 6000 at 18psi. It was great fun to drive but as you can see in the graph it all came in very late (turbo too big). It also didnt take long to kill it, I dropped a valve seat after a few weeks of driving One thing I learned is that boost is addictive and there arent too many cars that can beat a beetle wtih that sort of power - BMW m4 couldnt make ground on me).

Anyways, my engine builder informs me that the valve seats were put in too tight and caused the ally to rupture and squeeze out the seat, So im now shopping for a pair of heads. Currently in talks with FAT performance.

Ive also had my turbo rebuilt with a much smaller exhaust housing (55 AR down to 38AR). Ive swapped out my coil, changed for a turbo smart waste gate and I have some other small changes Im making and hoping to get back on the rolling road before the spring!

Turbo beetle by Dean Jones,

Turbo beetle by Dean Jones, on Flickr

Turbo beetle by Dean Jones, on Flickr
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