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It didn’t take long.....I killed it! I *think* it was mapped with a slight leak on the MAP sensor. The hose popped off and I pushed it all the way on. The ECU then kept reading overboost and IGN cutting. Kept dropping the duty cycle on the boost controller but I obviously spent too much time dropping small increments, over heated the heads and dropped a valve seat!

Anyway this gave me the opportunity to make a few changes. New heads (went a size smaller on inlet valves to leave more meat between the valves. Turns out my CR was super low and were now up at 8:1. I’ve also had the exhaust housing and turbine changed much smaller. Combine the upped CR and smaller exhaust housing I should see better numbers off boost and much faster spooling. All in all I’m hoping for much nicer driveability and similar numbers at lower boost. Going to the rolling road on Monday so we’ll see. Will map to 1 bar and see where we are at. Been looking into water/meth injection, anyone else running this? For relatively little cost it seems a good way to help limit heat which I guess is the big killer of boosted aircooled motors.
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