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ended up like this:

Made up supports for the 996 turbo sports seats:

and sorted the 911 shifter

engine in to sort out mounts

bought myself a beadroller and made up some new floors


body needed modifying to squeeze the trans under the back seat

inner body cut away for engine room/access using a vw bus engien access panel that I chopped down

here some may notice the engine has been moved forwards and up in the chassis to give more sump ground clearance and to make sure the big quad cam heads fit under the bodywork

I then found some wheels I couldn't say no to, 19" Porsche carrera sports in Cayman fitment, 8,5J front and 10J rears
they needed the rear wings modifying to fit
by 45mm

front wings were massaged to fit as well as pulling the front suspension in a bit

I also added an air intake for an enclosed cold air feed for the engine

to go with all this, I modified the dash to take Porsche 944 VDO gauges, it will be covered in leather to look OEM

stainless exhaust system made up

Coolant lines made up to run under the chassis

which feed a cosworth Pace radiator and chargecooler up front

That's most of the story so far! I keep my website up to date so if you want to see more details have a look at

It should end up looking more or less like this:

Comments and ideas welcome! Not finished yet, I plan to do the paintwork this summer when the weather warms up a bit... It's staying the same colour!

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