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^^^^No need to post twice Sandeep. I get it, you like your fixy's!

Here's the background story:
I pulled the seats out of my basement last week, and installed the driver seat in the '52. Left the other out to be installed the next day. Next day i noticed some critter munched on the seat bottom and left a 2-3inch hole. Totally pissed me off. So many years they stayed perfect and new, and overnight this crap.

As you know Sandeep, i wasn't thrilled with the fit in the split. Super tight against the tunnel, and the lower bolsters were in the way of the cage. So they are now going to be installed in the TDI for abit, and then sold. Just picked up VW MK4 mounts/sliders.

I went to a couple upholstery shops, and nobody has a decent solution for the mouse repair. Whatever is done to the one seat will have to be done to the other to match. Took the seat and showed it to the boys at JRP(Sparco dealer for Canada), and they say, that generation of Torinos are no longer made. I've got a email out to Sparco for some material, and hopefully i hear back.

So now i have these 2 options for the '52.
1-Those narrow Sparcos that have been put on the market for cars like the Miata, 914's, and early 911's. They fit real nice, and JRP is giving me a pretty good deal on them because what has happened.
2-Pair of Konig Carbon Kevlar fixed seats. They fit well and like 10lbs. Really nice and comfortable. Getting in and out of them in a car/harness would be awkward. Getting a awesome deal on those too.

And that brings us to todays poll........which one?

'72 super
'65 bus
'52 split
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