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Originally Posted by super vw
So the ports are to sync them?
They do look clean BTW!

Anyways, whats a good filter to use? K&N seams to be a option used A so thats what im thinking

BTW here is the linkage and manifolds:

So what do i do about the stock vacuum stuff when i use dual carbs... i think i have a stock distributor what is vacuum advanced (74 super beetle) do i need to get a centrifical advance distributor?

That's the exact same kit that I have! Cool! I It is exellent quality.
The left carb you see in the first picture has a vacuum port for the distributer, so hook it up to that. The right carb has none. Use a good quality cotton gauze air filter with k&n oil. Every few weeks pull out a filter and look through it form the inside to the sky and look for pin holes. if you see hundreds of bright white pinholes of light shining through, replace them. When the carbs cough they blow the cotton out more with each cough. Also fuel reversion in the carbs washes oil out of the filter down into the filter base. Re oil often. Probably once a month.

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