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I'm a bit confused by this - I thought that fitting the 6x16" & 7x16" Fuchs was a fairly common thing on German Lookers.

I've checked back to Jak Rizzo's 'Porsche Killer' article and you're right, he did have a set of special split rims made up. However, there are two sets of wheels shown in the photos and the polished versions look like the standard wheels (apparently on 205/50/16 tyres front and rear).

I've just checked the wheel & tyre section of the forum and it seems there were different offsets available on the Fuchs - no idea what I'd need. At the moment my car is a bog-standard 1303S. I was planning to use the narrower diameter springs with adjustable struts (Kerscher or Topline) and lowering the car front and rear as much as I can get away with without rubbing. I'm also going to order one of their Porsche pattern disc brake kits. Not sure if I'll need spacers or not, but I definitely want everything to fit well under the standard arches. Don't mind going for a narrower tyre, perhaps a 195 or even a 185 if there are problems - just don't want to have the wheel's inside rim fouling on the suspension and don't want to have them sticking out too far.

Am I going to have problems with this set up? Any help would be much appreciated.

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