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Boxster brakes on LP bug

I posted on TS because of picture hosting, but can attach here:

Originally Posted by flat
Ive been doing this machining and others for over 15 years, so I figured I'd post on how I do it. I'm apprehensive in general due to the armchair experts, but lets see how this goes.

This setup is for boxster brakes on LP dropped spindle. The hub and caliper bracket are modified, but consumables (rotor, pad, caliper) are stock Porsche stuff, easy to find 10 years down the road. The spindles are modified for quality control but could revert back to drum brakes. The hubs are machined for regular bearings.

First up spindle check. Ive seen all kids of problems from tight/loose shafts to wrong threads machined (go figure). In this case the radius on shaft wasnt right and the bearing backstop off by more than a mm.

Heres other side:

Measure difference

Put on lathe to fix:

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