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Hi Wally,

As of this writing, there are eleven hours left in the auction. Because of weather, conflicting schedules and the dish running away with the spoon, I was unable to see the car in person. The current bid is around US$600. The description in the e-mails wasn't much help as this person is either (a) dumber than me or (b) trying to hide some existing problems.

My guess is the former. The reserve was only US$500. If the price doesn't change, I may toss out a minimum increase bid -- but I doubt it. I am put off by at least not being able to just see it.

There is another one for sale by a VW mechanic. It runs well but has some serious rust issues. I am really trying to avoid that sort of restoration. I haven't yet inquired about that car as to its price. I may try to take my mechanic with me to see it.

I have in my library of VW literature the sales figures of Beetles and Super Beetles. It doesn't break down the numbers by country, but '75 1303s are vastly rarer than earlier 1302s and 1303s as a total.

At the moment, my stubbornness is winning over my anxiousness.
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