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Thanks guys..
Everyone is doing well, my fingers still hurt when the weather changes, or if I do work on the beetle but no pain no gain on the car..

Being a former military (Marine), I have USAA.. they are quite competitive, at times not the cheapest, but the Customer Care has been excellent.. I just faxed my receipt to them this past week, they said they would cover it.. not sure how much since the original was a Graco infant seat and the new one is a Britax.. little of a price difference.. but any money is better than no money.. They did not mention anything except discarding the old one since that is what the manufacturer suggests..

Regarding not dropping the guy like a sack.. Being a Marine I get hot headed quickly but "calm under fire prevailed".. Don't get me wrong, I was running at the guy, for what he did, but in a split second (at least that is what it felt like) I realized I needed check on everyone, and during that time I calmed down enough to not approach the guy with flying fists.. was close, let me tell you, was close.. I had to repeat to the guy to stay the F away.. Not proper language, but oh well..

If I wasn't there a young couple would have bit it.. my car being a truck did not jump that far, but a smaller car would have crushed those poor pedestrians.. mind you I don't stop at the crosswalk and block it as most NY/NJ folks do.. Learned that one from the wife's preaching

I don't mind the city and continue to go.. use to live in Queens and went to school in the Bronx (Maritime College).. I remember taking the subway in the summer, oh what fun.. as well as taking the bus to HS.. again oh what fun..

If there is a take away from all this is you need to watch you six.. specially for fast mover yellow cabs..
Again thanks for letting me vent..
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