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You might be a GL VW redneck if...

After looking around at my garage, basement, and back yard... The situation looks ugly! I see a Jeff Foxworthy bit coming up for my "hobby"/"sickness"/"junk collecting" or whatever profanity the neighbors have come up with.

Here is a short list of the clutter... Some of this needs to go!

- Set of Fuchs wheels and spare (FS)
- Set of Flats from a 931 (still need one more)
- 2 Phone Dials (still need one more)
- 1.7 T4 motor longblock (FS)
- IRS tranny from a Super. For the Bus.
- '87 944 engine and body
- The 911SC
- Air compressor and related junk
- MIG welder and related junk
- More 944 body parts than you can shake a stick at...

- Bus wheels, split style and baywindow style... Worthless clutter!
- A few heat exchangers
- A few T4 rear hanger bars
- A few late bay rear bumpers
- A couple T1 mufflers (worthless)
- And two low back Ghia seats...
- And a random T1 engine block.

- 3-4 T4 engine cases
- 3 T1 engine cases
- Loads of rebuilt T1 early carbs
- Great 36HP shortblock
- BA4 gas heater (412)
- Cranks and heads of all kinds
- Oil coolers
- CIS FI stuff
- T5 case
- Loads of P&Cs (mostly junk)
- 944 brake parts of all kinds
- 944 swaybars and torsion bars
- Piles of Split bus parts.
- More T4 tinware than you can immagine!
- And goobs of other trinkets.

As you all can see this is rediculous. If I was more motivated it would almost all hit e-bay.

... Someone else please tell me I am not the only sick one
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