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Little update:

Got these aluminum mufflers, yes, I said aluminum. Got a buddy that builds big HP cars and he swears by them, very, very light, no cracks yet for him. I'm doubtful, but they aren't that expensive and I could flange them to a stainless system if I wanted and still get big weight savings.

Ditto for cheap Chinese headers. They are supposed to be stainless, and they are except for the severely warped flange. Had to spend a bunch of time on them to get the flange flat and to open the bolt holes up. Really surprising how simple some of the mistakes are, but equally surprising how little a complete header setup was.

Working on the fitment to the fenders, these will have to be widened ever so slightly unless I like the smell of burnt rubber around every corner. Looks kinda cool though...

Finally got the condenser attached to the rad, used aluminum spacers my wife uses for her business, re-threaded them for metric, and had Eric at NorCal Motorsportz weld them on for me.

A before shot of the area I need to fill between the Boxster chassis and the tubing.

The mess I have yet to tackle...

If I could just get paid for my sleepless nights....
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