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Originally Posted by Humble View Post
I thought I was bad with 5 sets for the bug, but apparently your love of bbs wheels is insatiable! I've got a set of 15x7 cookie cutters for autox, 16x7/16x8 low offset early phone dials for rain, 18x8/18x10 BSA 215a for street, 17x8.5/17x10 Fikse FM5 for road racing and 18x8.5/18x10 Fikse Profil 5 for road race/hillclimb. How many sets of wheels are you up to now 6? 7?

Hi Pal!!! You got a a very good collection. I really like those Fikse you have. The yellow car on your avatar seems to have some RUF wheels. Am I right? Are yours? Pictures of them?

Right now I have 7 sets of BBS and another set of 16" RS centers.
Latelly the E26 BBS seems to be calling my name!
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