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Just took the carpet and padding out and found mainly surface rust here are there. Of course the pan needs to be wire brushed, conditioned, and POR15. I will be replacing all the fenders and rear deck (hood). I think it will just be easier in the long run for the restoration. I want the least amount of rust as possible.
The front hood is messed up but I think it will work. I also got a quote for $700 to plastic bead blast the body. What do you all think? Good price?

I plan on having no back seats and installing a deck with a locking lid in the back instead. I want the room for running to the store, work, gym, road trip, etc. I already looked at used 3-7 year old leather heated seats from the local wrecking yard. I found 4 Volvo front seat sets and I didn't even look at all the rest. I want new modern seats that are heated and are electric. Yes, maybe even a set out of a new gen VW Beetle. They sell them at a really good price! I have to make measurements and see what will fit. I will most likely have to do a little welding and cutting to make it fit.
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