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Killer suspension setup for road and track

Hi guys!

I have a 1302 Super which has McP's with 2" lowered springs over stock inserts and the rear is stock shocks over IRS... so I really need improvements

I feel that the front is rock stiff and NOT confortable and the rear rolls more than I would like on track.

I have severall questions:

Do you feel that if I swap the front inserts for lowered gas ones and keep the lowered springs I would get rather confortable but still sporty stiffness behaviour?
Or should I change the front Struts for adjustable ones like Kersher coilovers with Koni Reds?
Is the use of a strut top brace a good add-on too?

I'm planning lowering the rear 2" and putting together a Kafer Cup style trapeze bar, with urethane trans bushings HD support and braces.
Would I benefict if I go for a sway bar at the rear too?
What shocks should I go for?Koni Yellows or some type of coilovers?

I'm aiming primarly for trackdays use but would like to have enough confort to ride along on weekends without loosing the sporty cornering feel.
I'm looking here for the best moderate Price VS Quality solution!
Please fire at will


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