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Assuming you've already replaced all tie rod ends with new, new or rebuilt steering box, new strut bearings, stainless steel braided brake lines and four wheel discs here's what I'd suggest:

For the front I'd start with topline maxx extreme struts, koni adjustable rabbit strut inserts, bump steer kit, and 175-200 pound 10" qa1 springs with 10 lb tender springs. Then add a strut brace and bigger 7/8" front sway bar with caster fix. For the rear grab QA1 single adjustable coil over shocks with 350-400 pound 8" springs, kafer cup brace, 1/2" rear sway bar, transmission strap kit (I prefer the empi one), urethane tranny mounts, and all urethane suspension bushings.

Relocate your battery to the front spare tire well and that will help with weight balance. With a full interior your car will be 1950 lbs. +/- 40lbs. with 58-59% over the back wheels. Once everything is dialed in it should ride like an e46 M3, supple but not soft, firm but not harsh.
HAL-DR4855B qa1 rear coilover x2 $339.90
HAL-10-175 qa1 front springs x2 $75.76
HAL-8-300 qa1 rear springs x2 $75.76
HAL-T114W qa1 spring perch wrenches $16.95
87-0308C Sway Bar, front, 71-73 (lowered) front 7/8" $89.95
87-0314A Sway Bar, rear, all IRS, stock or lowered, each $84.95
87-0910AX MaXX Extreme, 71-73 Super, without shocks $364.95
87-0920 Flip-It Bump steer kit, 71-to-73 $14.95
87-0302 Stress bar, All supers 79.95
SSG0006 complete urethane bushing kit (everything) $119.95
CFM0007 padded transmission strap kit $59.95
DRC0006 Torque bar (kafer cup brace) $299.95
GEN-GC1160 genesis technology 2.5" helper spring guide x2 79.90
HYP-HS250 hyperco 2.5" helper spring x2 59.90

So far it comes out to 1762.77 plus shipping. The only item not in that price is the koni adjustable rabbit struts and I'm still looking for a good source for those. I'm still perfecting it but that's what I've put together so far.

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