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my set up on my 03 race car is rnj motorsport front coil overs with kyb golf inserts and 135lb 10" springs, bump steer kit,19mm anti roll bar, poly bushes and rose joints on the tca to chassis mount[ lets you adjust the camber very quickly] strut brace.
rear has 944 tosion bars and the 944 14mm roll bar with kyb shocks. frame horns are tied into the cage and i use a solid bellhouseing strap with poly bushed mid mount and a stock rubber nose cone mount.
biggest improvment you will get is a proper 4 wheel alignment by somone who knows how to set up a 02/03.
i run about 80mm lower on the front and 75mm on the rear, still has the slight nose high stance, stock toe settings on the front with -2.5* camber and a stock castor. on the rear i have -1.5* camber with 1.5* toe out. this makes the car quite twitchy but does make it turn in very well. you will have to have a play with settings depending on what wheels tyres you are useing, big wide tyres and lots of camber toe are not good bedfellows!
cheers rob
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