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Hello guys thanks for the lessons

I forgot some data.
I'm not up in chaging the rear torsion bars because I have the fenders welded to the body...unless I reck the paintjob
All front bushings are already poly, tie rod ends are new, stock steering box, stock steering damper, front 6pot Tarox calipers with vented discs and steel braided lines.
I'm sorting out some homemade rear solid disc kit with Golf Mk4 calipers but still on the paper

HUMBLE what a wish list maybe I'll ask Santa for some of these lol
The problem is how to get most of it here in Europe, I do know some of the sites you advised but taxes and transportation takes it to prohibitive costs.
But I'll try to manage some of the items here over CSP, SSP, Kersher and others...each thing step by step or my wife will kill me

Judgie Steve and Humble if think you might touched the right spot over there....although we can upgrade at various levels I understand that a good setup of suspension/steering settings is the key on how the car behaves and handle.
The problem here in Portugal is that almost every shop I go they only hook up the car to the machine call for stock settings and just adjust the camber and toe.
"Caster what's that dude?!?!" and "The rear end of beetles doesn't allow for any settings dude!!" is the most heard sentences from this guys!
Maybe I'll look for an old guy with enough pacience to do it old style and go for a complete afternoon with it

Judgie for the tyre matter...aherr I'm not close..I'm running 17" with 215/45 and 235/45 at the rear

Weel I'm learning a lot with you guys...just keep giving your idead and experiences.
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