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I think Judgies setting are a good starting point. 175-200lb/in front srings are way too heavy and 100-130lb would be my preference depending on the state of the track. Inserts IMO ought to be Bilstein. Camber 1 1/2- 2 1/2 deg neg with as much caster as can be dialled in (5-9deg would be very good) At the rear I would go for 23.5 torsion bars with some 100lb/inch coilovers with 25lb/in helpers and bilsteins again. The coil overs on the rear with Bilsteins again would be desirable to adjust to suit different tracks all with a 14+mm AR bar.
As regards the adjustability of the front AR bar, it would be very difficult to adjust it with the current layout. I intend adding a compression strut on mine to adjust caster and anti-dive that will then allow the AR bar to be detached from caster duty and allow adjustability on the standard bar with moveable clamps. (I don't like holes for adjustment) A blade type adjuster would be better if I could find one.
To get the best out of the suspension you need control. A 5 bar Kafer cup brace on the rear is useful as is a strut brace with triangulation down onto the front of the frame head.
Leave the battery where it is as it is at the CofG and therefore does not affect the Polar Moment of Inertia. Putting it in front places a moderate advantage in static load but is of negligable advantage in the dynamic load situation but importantly adds a significant increase to the PM of I because the 20lbs or so of battery is placed as far away as you could get thus giving a huge moment (its almost equivalent to 1/2 the engine weight).


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