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jmd, at risk of going a bit off topic, if this is for a nova kit car as your avatar suggests, you may need to book a dental appointment! i built one for a customer 'to a budget' shall we say, so it never got the final detail sorting it may have got with a cooperative owner, the tight wad! but anyways, it was a HARD ride. with stock 22mm rear bars and shocks, and stock beam front with the o/e arb on it, it handled o.k in pre delivery road testing, but it was SO hard a ride. what will a nova weigh? 580/600 kg. ish? your call really, i know IRS doesnt like to be too stiff, for reasons anyone who's raced one will know about, but be prepared to soften it off, at least at the rear, the arb's you quote are huge for a low kit car, it wont have a roll problem, again, suck it and see, we dont know your intended usage. adjustable arb's?, not for me, they're either on as tested, or i disconnect it if neccasary, or i change it to a smaller one for differing track conditions, time permitting. if this is not a nova, disregard all i've said and have fun anyway....
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