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hp versus torque

Wow, 32 people viewing this sub-forum ... Anyway, ...

I have heard, "People buy horsepower; people drive torque."

I have seen calculations where HP and torque are related by RPM's and some factor of 5252 (or 1/5252 depending which way the formula goes).

I have (water-cooled) a 2.0 ("two-point-slow"), a 1.8T, and a TDI. The TDI has less HP than the 2.0 but nearly the same torque as the 1.8T.

I have seen HP numbers bandied about with Type I and Type IV engines.

What makes an engine more torquey? Why are certain engines more prone to being torquey?

I have read the passages on the Subaru conversions (thanks, ricola, for the link at all who have contributed to the main current thread), and it seems way too involved for my skills and beyond the scope of anyone I know.

I am still leaning towards a Type IV but I am still trying to justify the initial cost over a fancy Type I. (I understand many of the advantages of longevity, etc. I am more interested in understanding the HP v. torque dynamic.)
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