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this should justify your last question:
In a very simple and not at all scientific way:
torque is what you feel when you step on the throttle/gas from standstill
Hp is the engines ability to make the car travel at a given speed

Anyway torque is what makes your car going.


There are many factors that can make an engine "more torqueier" than others

Consider this: fitting larger valves on an engine will improve top end hp
example: 1776 cc t1 with o44 heads and the same engine with 040 heads. The second one will produce more torque and less top end power.
Main factors:
Configuration ( in-line, V, boxer)
Camshaft (timing, duration, lift)
valve train(stock 1:1, 1.25:1, 1.4:1 etc)
fuel supply and type (single carb,two singles, twin carbs fuel injection)
Induction (forced-NA)

thats pretty much

Also something that can differ the torque feeling is the gearing...

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