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I'm not against turbo. I will go that route with my Super using a Type I or a Type IV if that's better than supercharging or a proper naturally aspirated larger displacement.

All I do know is the 1.8T is schizo with its spooling in normal driving and has a noticable lag when you need to punch it to get around Grandma Moses. I want the instantaneous response and that is why I will go with supercharging with my Cabrio when the time comes.

Versatility is not an issue with me. I want to set it and forget it regardless which of my cars we're talking about. I don't want to be constantly tuning and adjusting.

I regularly maintain all of my vehicles every 5,000 miles. I know some people change their oil every 3,000. Nothing is wrong with that. My system has served me well through four Fords, a Fiat and eight (I think) VW's. All reached 100,000 miles before being sold or needing a rebuild. In fact, only two needed a rebuild. My Jetta at 300,000 when I sold it and an Econoline van at 120,000 when I sold it. My Super will probably need one in the next 10-15,000 miles.

Those are my desires. What engine and whether there is forced air or not by any means is what I am trying to figure out so I can make plans accordingly.

I appreciate all of the responses and opinions -- especially from all of you here because you know more and you have been there and done that. This is my first foray.
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